Service Area

• The cities of Appleton, Kaukauna, Menasha, and Neenah.

• The villages of Combined Locks, Fox Crossing, Kimberly, Little Chute, and 

• The towns of Buchanan, Grand Chute, Greenville, Kaukauna, and Neenah.

Winter Services

Announcing Residential Snow Removal

2 buds N a bucket will make sure that your home and surrounding area is well taken care of at all times.  We are very competitive in pricing and will have no issues removing the snow from your property.

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Sign up 2 be a 2 buds N a bucket customer be for December 2 and receive 5% off our regular price.

Menu / Price List

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We will customize a lawn care plan for you.


With the results of your care plan. 2 bud's-N-a bucket will seed to create the desired greenery growth. If your lawn requires, we will reseed and or overseed if necessary. 

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Lawn Plan

With years of experience 2 bud's-N-a buckets is all-natural-all the way to care for your lawn.  

We will customize a lawn plan for you. 2 bud's N a bucket will then create a service schedule that works for you. As scheduled we will mow, trim and blow off any surfaces that need clean up. 

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Dethatching/Aerating Through May 7


Your lawn has three layers: the roots below the soil, the green grass above ground and, in the middle, a layer of thatch that is composed of leaves, stems and roots. This thatch material is natural, and it’s healthy in moderation. But, a thick layer of thatch can prevent air, water and nutrients from reaching grass’s roots.

Dethatching essentially combs out the layer of thatch so it can be removed from the lawn. A dethatching machine with blades tears away the thatch layer and brings the organic matter to the surface so it can be hand-raked off the lawn.

A lawn that needs dethatching feels spongy and bouncy to the touch.

Bring out your dead turfgrass

What sets 2 bud's-N-a bucket apart

We answer our phones and are available by e-mail;

lawn. healthy grass in New London lawn. healthy grass in Fond du Lac Seeding care plan in Hortonville lawn. healthy grass in Appleton We respond immediately (48 hours guaranteed) to answer questions or concerns;

· We provide information of what was done and what to expect, with each application;

· When unusual conditions appear on the lawn we will explain, describe what we can do, as well as what you can do;

· We give problem areas extra attention;

· We blow-off all hard surfaces 

· We knock before each application to discuss current conditions.

· 2 bud's-N-a bucket’s number one goal is to provide you with a healthier, greener lawn  We offer several lawn care programs designed to meet your family’s desire for a healthier and safer lawn.


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